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PRB Logics is a leading distributer of electronic components in the excess component industry.

PRB Logics' mission is to distribute the global marketplace of electronics and bridge the gap from supply to demand.
In the beginning, We focused our services to OEMs and other brokers alike. PRB Logics' goals is to be widely recognized as the leading market innovator in excess electronic component market.
Thousands of customers use our website to procure products on the web with our help, and we believe that PRB Logics is the best company of its kind.
In addition, thousands of buyers can take comfort that PRB Logics will do all it takes to find the parts you're looking for.
We strive to deliver you lead times and prices that's on-time and the lowest out there.


4/24/2015 Crystek?s 3500MHz VCO

Crystek has a VCO which operates at 3500 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.3 V~4.9 V. The device has a typical phase noise of -115 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset and output power is typically +6 dBm. Called CVCO55CCQ-3500-3500, it is packaged in the industry-standard 0.5-in. x 0.5-in. SMD package. Input voltage is...

david manners

4/24/2015 Freescale trims debt

Freescale had Q1 sales of $1.17 billion, compared to $1.10 billion in Q4 2014 and $1.13 billion in the first quarter of 2014. Operating earnings were $179 million, net earnings were $70 million. Nine years ago, in 2006 the year it was taken over by private equity, Freescale had sales of $1.53 billion for net...

david manners

4/24/2015 Empire v Federation: the inspiration

Mouser has partnered with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara to kick off their new Space Exploration Series and Space Challenge. This series includes a debate on the age-old question that has been waged for decades: ?Which reigns supreme: Star Wars or Star Trek?? Imahara posed the question during a recent video interview with five leaders in space...

david manners

4/24/2015 Comment: Don?t ignore manufacturing, it matters

An open letter to the next Prime Minister from Adam Fletcher, chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ECSN) Dear next P.M. As part of an organisation that supports and relies on successful technology companies in the UK, I hope that you will make reviving manufacturing, addressing skills shortages and reviewing the tax regime urgent...

Richard Wilson

4/23/2015 Ohmite buys 60 year old UK resistor manufacturer Arcol

Arcol the Truro-based power resistor supplier has been acquired by Ohmite Manufacturing. It is the US-based firm?s first manufacturing presence in Europe. Ohmite?s president Greg Pace said: ?Arcol is particularly strong in aluminium housed wirewound resistors which is consistent with our customer base and our selling strategy.? Arcol UK was founded in the 1952 and...

Richard Wilson

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