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PRB Logics is a leading distributer of electronic components in the excess component industry.

PRB Logics' mission is to distribute the global marketplace of electronics and bridge the gap from supply to demand.
In the beginning, We focused our services to OEMs and other brokers alike. PRB Logics' goals is to be widely recognized as the leading market innovator in excess electronic component market.
Thousands of customers use our website to procure products on the web with our help, and we believe that PRB Logics is the best company of its kind.
In addition, thousands of buyers can take comfort that PRB Logics will do all it takes to find the parts you're looking for.
We strive to deliver you lead times and prices that's on-time and the lowest out there.


10/30/2014 MathWorks says model-based design is good for ARM Cortex-A

MathWorks says that code generated from MATLAB and Simulink can now be optimised for running on ARM Cortex-A processors. Simulink also offers built-in target support for ARM-based hardware devices including BeagleBone Black, Xilinx Zynq, STMicroelectronics Discovery Board, and Freescale Freedom Board. The MathWorks  Embedded Coder tool generates optimised code will allow designers to apply model-based design...

richard wilson

10/30/2014 Smart meter hacking risk

Auditing firm KPMG warned of smart meter security risks at the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum. Its cyber security specialist Alejandro Rivas-Vásquez was discussing UK’s smart meter implementation programme in the light of flaws found during the equivalent Spanish programme. ?Spanish researchers recently found fundamental security flaws in the design of smart metering devices...

steve bush

10/30/2014 Toshiba mosfet package improves cooling dynamics

Toshiba Electronics is now offering its ow-voltage mosfets in DSOP Advance packages which offer dual-sided cooling which it said will significantly improve heat dissipation. The DSOP Advance package shares the same 5mm x 6mm footprint as a SOP Advance device. In comparative tests operating temperatures ? when used in conjunction with a suitable heatsink –...

richard wilson

10/30/2014 Comment: Security is next killer app for ARM

ARM does not want to be seen as just a mobile processor. After years of searching for as design feature which will open up non-mobile applications, maybe the answer has been there all along. It is secure systems. The ARM processor architecture has been progressively adapted to make it applicable for new markets. First, the...

richard wilson

10/30/2014 DeepMind computer mixes architectures for human-like learning

The Neural Turing Machine will combine the best of number-crunching with the human-like adaptability of neural networks ? so it can invent its own programs, writes Jacob Aron. Your smartphone is amazing, but ask it to do something it doesn’t have an app for and it just sits there. Without programmers to write apps, computers...

Alun Williams

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