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PRB Logics is a leading distributer of electronic components in the excess component industry.

PRB Logics' mission is to distribute the global marketplace of electronics and bridge the gap from supply to demand.
In the beginning, We focused our services to OEMs and other brokers alike. PRB Logics' goals is to be widely recognized as the leading market innovator in excess electronic component market.
Thousands of customers use our website to procure products on the web with our help, and we believe that PRB Logics is the best company of its kind.
In addition, thousands of buyers can take comfort that PRB Logics will do all it takes to find the parts you're looking for.
We strive to deliver you lead times and prices that's on-time and the lowest out there.


Jul/01/2016 INEX closes Innovation Gap

INEX is closing the Innovation Gap for the manufacturing of specialist MEMs, sensors and compound semiconductors. The Innovation Gap is the transition from developing a product in a lab to getting it made cost-effectively in a suitable fab. This becomes extremely difficult when people are developing products using radically new materials. “MEMS has gone from ...

INEX closes Innovation Gap

Jul/01/2016 sureCore raises more cash

sureCore, the Sheffield low-power SRAM IP specialist, has received another tranche of cash from Mercia (which took over another sureCore’s previous investor EVG). Mercia led the Series B seven figure investment round alongside existing investors Finance Yorkshire Seedcorn Fund and Capital-E. EVG had previously invested £1,020,000 seed and early stage finance via its Finance Yorkshire ...

sureCore raises more cash

Jul/01/2016 Rambus buys Inphi?s memory interconnect business

Rambus has bought Inphi’s Memory Interconnect Business for $90 million in cash. The acquisition includes all assets of the Inphi Memory Interconnect Business including product inventory, customer contracts, supply chain agreements and intellectual property. The combined business strengthens Rambus? position in memory buffer chip products and amplifies execution for future non-volatile memory programmes. ?By combining ...

Rambus buys Inphi’s memory interconnect business

Jul/01/2016 Cloud infrastructure growth slows

Q1 sales pf cloud computing infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) grew by 3.9% year over year to $6.6 billion, says IDC. “A slowdown in hyperscale public cloud infrastructure deployment demand negatively impacted growth in both public cloud and cloud IT overall,” says IDC’s Kuba Stolarski, “private cloud deployment growth also slowed, as 2016 ...

Cloud infrastructure growth slows

6/30/2016 Input structure boosts analogue ESD protection

Toshiba has revealed details of an electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection scheme for 0.13?m analogue power semiconductors. “ESD protection is much more robust, up four times, and the standard deviation is only 1/12 that of the conventional structure,” claimed the firm. 3D simulation revealed that lattice temperature increase due to the current flowing at the highest electric ...

Input structure boosts analogue ESD protection

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