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PRB Logics is a leading distributer of electronic components in the excess component industry.

PRB Logics' mission is to distribute the global marketplace of electronics and bridge the gap from supply to demand.
In the beginning, We focused our services to OEMs and other brokers alike. PRB Logics' goals is to be widely recognized as the leading market innovator in excess electronic component market.
Thousands of customers use our website to procure products on the web with our help, and we believe that PRB Logics is the best company of its kind.
In addition, thousands of buyers can take comfort that PRB Logics will do all it takes to find the parts you're looking for.
We strive to deliver you lead times and prices that's on-time and the lowest out there.


Jul/01/2015 Wood-derived substrate for microwave transistors

Fast flexible thin-film silicon electronics circuits that are bio-degradable can be assembled on a wood-based substrate, claim researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The transparent flexible biodegradable substrate is cellulose nanofibrillated fibre (CNF). The team has to go to quite an effort to make its chip biodegradable: double gate transistors are formed in the top 270nm...

steve bush

Jul/01/2015 FPGA flash storage good for the cloud, says Altera

Altera says you can double the life of NAND flash storage by implementing an FPGA-based solid-state disk (SSD) controller running NAND optimisation software. It has developed a storage reference design based on its Arria 10 SoC, which integrates a SSD controller from Mobiveil and NAND optimisation software from NVMdurance. ?An FPGA-based storage system provides hardware offload functions...

Richard Wilson

Jul/01/2015 Giant magnetoresistance could improve hard drives

German scientists have discovered giant magnetoresistance – the effect used in hard drive read heads – in niobium phosphide. They also identified graphene-like carriers in the 3D material. “Until now, the computer industry has used various materials stacked on top of each other in a filigree structure to achieve this effect. Now, Max Planck scientists...

steve bush

Jul/01/2015 5G mobile networks will adapt to needs of society

Technology behind next generation 5G mobile networks will start to take shape over the coming months with a group of companies including Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Networks, Deutsche Telekom and Orange will work to define the mobile network architecture. The work which beings this month is part of the 5GPPP standards process. It will define the network architecture incorporating the radio access...

Richard Wilson

Jul/01/2015 Renesas adds more DSP to low power IoT MCUs

Renesas Electronics has introduced a low power microcontroller with DSP extensions and a floating point unit (FPU) in its RX series. The RX231 32-bit microcontrollers are based on a new version of the RX CPU core with a performance benchmark score of 4.16 CoreMark/MHz, which is a 35% increase on the previous generation RX200 series....

Richard Wilson

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