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PRB Logics is a leading distributer of electronic components in the excess component industry.

PRB Logics' mission is to distribute the global marketplace of electronics and bridge the gap from supply to demand.
In the beginning, We focused our services to OEMs and other brokers alike. PRB Logics' goals is to be widely recognized as the leading market innovator in excess electronic component market.
Thousands of customers use our website to procure products on the web with our help, and we believe that PRB Logics is the best company of its kind.
In addition, thousands of buyers can take comfort that PRB Logics will do all it takes to find the parts you're looking for.
We strive to deliver you lead times and prices that's on-time and the lowest out there.


3/24/2017 TSMC to equip Nanjing fab this year

TSMC will start moving equipment into its Nanjing fab in H2, reports Digitimes. The fab will kick off on 16nm. Pilot production is scheduled for H1 2018 with volume production in H2. It is being equipped to run 20k wpm. First 7nm tape-outs at TSMC Taiwan are set for H2 2017. 10nm is already in production. ...

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3/24/2017 Samsung takes on Apple Pay

Samsung has launched its answer to Apple Pay – a contactless payment system it calls  the Contactless Companion Platform (CCP). CCP was built with  Smartlink and Ingenico.  Users can make digital cash payments via any enabled contactless device of their choice, such as a dedicated smart card, wristband, key fob, or even a mechanical watch or a ...

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3/24/2017 Infineon increases outlook

Infineon has  increased the outlook for revenues and Segment Result Margin for its fiscal Q2 2017  and increased the outlook for revenues and Segment Result Margin for the full 2017 fiscal year. The outlook for investment for the full 2017 fiscal year has also been updated. Increased outlook for the second quarter of the 2017 ...

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3/24/2017 Ultrahaptics hooks up with MIT

Ultrahaptics, the mid-air haptic touch specialist,  is collaborating with MIT  on a haptics teaching programme. The course, which has been running since January 2017, is based on Ivan Sutherland?s vision of an ?Ultimate Display? – a room that could render data so realistically that it would allow users to interact with information as if it ...

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3/24/2017 Cambridge IC reveals sensing detail, on 10th birthday

Sensing firm CambridgeIC has further lifted the lid on its technology by rendering one of its coil-based rotary sensing systems for 3D viewing. This sensor requires two PCBs, one on the rotating shaft and a static one through which the shaft passes. The two PCBs only need to be made to conventional tolerances – with ...

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